TPMS Systems Installed Here

Maiden Tire & Wheel can install TPMS sensors on most vehicles for just $85 per wheel, compared to $125 - $200 from most dealerships!

Maiden Tire and Wheel takes the current situation seriously - your safety is our main concern, but the people who are using their cars still need tires and regular maintenance, and we are staying open to provide you with the services you need to keep your cars in top shape. 

However, se will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday because of decreased traffic - but we are still open Monday and Thursday through Saturday at our normal hours! Call for quotes on maintenance and new or used tires - we are here for you!

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System - we are all familiar with the little light on the dashboard that comes on when your tires are getting low on air, but the technology behind these systems is quite complicated. That is one of the reasons it can cost between $125 0 $200 per sensor to get the system repaired if a sensor is damaged or broken. 
High Quality TPMS Sensors
Most TPMS sensors are a part of the valve stem
MX46 TPMS Tool
Some cars or custom wheel applications will use band sensors.
At Maiden Tire and Wheel we can solve your TPMS problems for a fraction of what dealerships charge - call now to see how much the sensors for your car will cost!
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