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Our Services - New & Used Tires and more

Custom Tires and Wheels

We have financing! Not only do we have great deals on new and used tires, but we also offer financing on a large selection of automotive services, including wheels and tires, brake jobs and other important maintenance services to keep your car running properly!

We don't just do specialty tires and wheels - we also offer great deals and financing on all stock and standard tire sizes, from 1957 or 1975 pickups to trailer tires, to modern cars, trucks and SUV's. We can get any brand, and we feature Kumho tires, but we have access to lower cost options that have great tires to keep your car in shape and in your budget - call now for tax deals for 2020 for the tires you need!

Stock Tires for your Car, Truck, SUV or Pickup

Brake jobs, oil changes, TPMS Sensors and more!

Maiden Tire and Wheel offers the services you need to keep your car in shape, from oil, changes to full brake jobs, serpentine belts and more - call us now for a quote on the services you need to keep your car running smooth!

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