Custom Paint & Powder Services!

Maiden Tire & Wheel is now painting wheels, intakes, other automotive parts or nearly anything that is large or small (we will not be painting full cars). This includes guitar bodies, 4 wheelers, boat motors or pretty much anything else you want to get painted - thousands of colors are available through our suppliers, and we can also mix custom colors and finishes!

If you have questions or want quotes call or come by now for more information!


We are now painting and powder coating - the wheel below was an average, ugly steel wheel and the pictures below show the transformation of this wheel into a poppin' red wheel - need your wheels or any other parts weather proofed or spiced up with a custom color? Call now for a quote!


A Steel wheel, cleaned and ready to paint!

Painted Steel Wheel

2nd coat of primer!


1st coat of color


And it is done! Three coats of color with two coats of clear, this wheel is not even buffed yet and it looks great!

Stay tuned for more before and after pictures!


Powder Coat Services will be starting in June - wait'll you seee the before and after photos!