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The wheels on this page will fit a late model Chevy 1500 (6 lug), Tahoe, Silverado or similar bolt patterns (6x5.5 or 6x139.7)

Click on the images below to see a larger picture and the price of the tires - if you don't see one you like just call and let us know what you are looking for!


Tuff t15 17 gloss black milled.jpg

Tuff T15 17x9

BRhino Haka 20 8.5 6x139.7.jpg

Black Rhino Haka 20x8.5

Cali Off Road Paradox 9113 Polished 20.p

Cali Off Road Paradox 20x10

BR Armory 20x9.5 6x139.7.jpg

Black Rhino Armory 20x9

BR Shredder 20 gunmetal.jpg

Black Rhino Shredder 20x9.5

Mayhem Flat Iron 8301 17.png

Mayhem Flat Iron 8301 17x9

BR Coyote 20x9 6x139.7.jpg

Black Rhino Coyote 20x9

BR Warlord 20 8.5 6x139.7.jpg

Black Rhino Warlord 20x9

Status Adamas 20x9 6x139.7.jpg

Status Adamas 20x9

Mayhem Warrior 8015 20.png

Mayhem Warrior 8015 20x10

Classic 16" Wheels

AR 172 Baja 16 x 8 6x139.7.png

Baja AR172 16x9

Pacer 162M 16x86x5.5.jpg

Pacer 162M 16x8

Enduro KM522 16x8 6x139.7.png

Enduro KM522 16x8

Outlaw II ar162 16x8 6x139.7.png

Outlaw II AR62 16x8

Pacer 164P 16x8 6x5.5.jpg

Pacer 164P 16x8

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