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Chevy 2500 Wheels - stock fitment Bolt Pattern 8x165.1 or 8x6.50

Will also fit stock fitments on 8 lug Dodge 3500 and 2500, Ford F-250 or any 8x165.1 or 8x6.50 bolt pattern

Click on the pictures below for close-ups and prices!

Call us for info on 90 days (almost) same as cash!

Vapor D560 20x9 8x165.png

D560 Vapor 20x9 8x165.1

BR Pintatubo 20x9.5 8x165.jpg

BR Pinatubo 20x9.5 8x165.1

Worx 811U Conquest 20x9 8x6.50.jpg

Conquest 811U 20x9.5 8x165.1

Motive off road 425B 20x9 8x6.50.jpg

Motive OR 425B 20x9 8x6.50

Dropstars 655BM 20x9 8x6.50.jpg

Dropstar 655BM 20x9 8x6.50

TIS 535MD 20x9 8x6.50.jpg

TIS 535MB 20x9 8x6.50

D560 Vapor 20x9 8x165.1

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